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    Male My pup : Drawing contest 359zpjr
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    Drawing contest Empty Drawing contest

    Post by Thunderwolf on Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:36 pm

    Yes i'm holding a drawing contest. Anyone can enter if they want to! The rules are simple. I don't like that people draw their characters, i think it is better if they draw one that everyone that enter is gonna draw the same dude. It's kinda rude i think...

    But you can one of three following canines;
    My dog Jerri:
    Drawing contest 08a724ab4b3e99498fa011398176aed5-d507fe2 All (good) pictures of Jerri: http://brokenfade.deviantart.com/gallery/37395165

    My character Fade:
    Drawing contest Portal_of_hell_and_heaven_by_brokenfade-d54w90l Just search on BrokenFade and AceTheAirDragon's DA's to find some Fade pictures.

    And or my other character, Metal:
    Drawing contest Metal_by_brokenfade-d4t738z Not so many pictures of him but have one icon: Drawing contest Free_metal_icon_by_brokenfade-d4v3mvs I don't draw Metal on the computer much just by hand... And they are not accepted into my DA gallery! Well they are but i dont think they are good enough...

    -You CAN draw on a paper or on the computer, i don't really mind so much.
    -You CAN draw just the head of the character but then you get half chance to win.
    -You CAN draw it in grayscale or colors, i will see what character it is anyways!
    -Please DON'T draw anything nude. And if you draw nude then DONT DRAW JERRI!
    -Draw violence if you want to.
    -Please don't "pups" of your character and mine in that case...
    -If you did not win you didn't do a god enough job, okay? You should respect that.
    -Linearts or stolen art wont be acepted, this is a DRAWING contest, not a color or stealing contest.
    -Last; Don't match them with for example a dragon, like Fade with dragon wings... You can put on accessories, but not like more bodyparts.

    Contest end 31.07.2012, and the winner will get a headshot of their character drawed by me, i know im not a good artist but it is funny to draw headshots.
    I will choose a few pictures and then people are gonna vote for what they like best.
    Have any other questions send me a PM.

    All pictures copyright me. Jerri picture was taken by me with my "new" phone in 2010. All rights reserved.


    Moderator Γ

    Moderator Γ

    Female My pup : Drawing contest 65vgpx
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    Character sheet
    Drawing contest Left_bar_bleue50/50Drawing contest Empty_bar_bleue  (50/50)

    Drawing contest Empty Re: Drawing contest

    Post by Waterloo on Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:01 pm

    Sorry I haven't entered, I haven't been able to draw for some time D: But I will try, though usually my drawings end up rubbish :I
    I think this is a brilliant idea ^^

    Admin's helper Β
    Admin's helper Β

    Male My pup : Drawing contest I36ntf
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    Character sheet
    Drawing contest Left_bar_bleue999999/999999Drawing contest Empty_bar_bleue  (999999/999999)

    Drawing contest Empty A bust picture only.

    Post by Saitothewolf on Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:49 am

    Drawing contest I__m_awesome_and_i_know_it_by_gladr201-d4tntw4

    From my deviant art Gladr201

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    Drawing contest Empty Re: Drawing contest

    Post by Sponsored content

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