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    I'll be away the 6th!

    Alpha α
    Alpha α

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    I'll be away the 6th!

    Post by Thunderwolf on Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:34 pm

    Yes i might be gone tomorrow becouse me and my class is going to a place and "camp" there. I can't have with me anything eletrical, there is no internet there anyways. But just let it don't be rain ;w; For God's sake, let it be an okay day... There are teams with boys and girls that are gonna sleep in the same tent-thingy... +One teacher or something if not Marit is gonna sleep with Marcus, that i think is his dream in fact... So you won't hear from me or Reaper Very Happy I know i've been saying it so many times on the chat but im so darn exited! Anywho, ANYBODY TRIED 3D COLORS!!? Somebody uploaded wolf art with: I like cake. In desc. I MADE UP THAT!! .... you little stealer... When i know who it is im so gonna knock the person out if it so was my family.

    The 12 hours gotta go fast couse i cannot wait a moment D: Thats why. That also reminds me of yesterday a midwife came to my class and teached us something and she did say our class was GREAT O.o It's like... Many years ago i've heard that... (Not telling how many becouse i don't remember, and i usually remember that kind of stuff, of all things i remember if i was okay at school xD)

    Wow this was just supposed to be a short text about i dont come on wr for one day... OMFG! Ah well... You know, this is wired.... I dont really write so much like this... Okay then im gonna talk about how wonderful my 3DS is!

    My 3DS is Flaming Red, my friend's is Ocean blue. The first 4 days you use it is pretty special with the 3D after that it is normal. Or maybe it is just me becouse i go on 3D cinemas becouse now we got that here too xD Or my lil' sister attacking me in 4D (Yep 4D is that you can see in 3D and feel SOME actions, like if anybody is sneezing you get water on you).

    Now im gonna talk about the things i like!

    I like cake. Trololol did'nt see that coming? XD I like violence, but not a lot though.. I like when Sunniva is crying >:D Yes me and Sunniva are enemies, it is a background-story of me and Sunniva the one day we were friends but she just used me for protection, i'll tell you i got some bad scars!! It is not good to fight someone that is 3 years older than you... But older is okay for me, idk why... But back to what i like: POKÈMON!! If you think it is wired just leave, i wont be friend with one that dont respect my options as well... I like my DS's. ALL of them! I like it when im feeling smart (when we are talking about animals, mostly canines, some felines and rats).

    Now ill tell you what i hate:
    HORSES!! Sunniva! Pies x[ Anders Bering Breivik (if that was right spelled), to be bullied with then i just attack and then they say ADHD adolescents, that makes me feel sad and run away, also a background history... The creepy picture the midwife showed me yesterday O-e Better artists if they not are my idol that most of them will be XD My fursonas, i hate them D: And top of all: NAGGING! Cuz who does like that? Tell me ONE person that does!

    Okay now ill do something pretty random:
    GAZPACHO IN A RING!! Gazpacho is a kind of tomatosoup from Spain.
    The Trololo guy is dead T-T Must your trololo be your last...
    When Jerri did see snow for the first time he was angry when he first thouched the snow he was comfused in a good way xD
    Oh Britania, Britania all the way, tralalla.... la... something...
    If someone stares at you say this: Like what you see?
    Your mom is so big that if she had been sent into space, she would become a planet! Mother nature xD
    Why did the chicken go over the road? FRYING PAN!! XD
    Sunniva likes JB, and another girl in my class says she is pregnant with him and i am so freaked out O.O Who wanna be that though? xD
    Y'know what? I don't think wolves is on my top 5 animal list anymore... I really don't feel anything big about them. I see at least 2 dogs a day that looks like a wolf.
    -Patient: Docter, i keep feeling like a strawberry!
    -Doctor: Your in a real jam arent you?
    That is all the random stuff i can come over for the momento xD No one more....
    Thats all...

    Haha funny to read? XD All this .... is pissing me of sometimes... Well have any questions ask me, i don't bite if you smell pie.

    Last edited by Nekare on Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:42 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : it was some words we don't want in this forums)
    Reaper Claw
    Xi ξ
    Xi ξ

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    Age : 18

    Re: I'll be away the 6th!

    Post by Reaper Claw on Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:55 pm

    Yep thats right, we are going to a trip to Andalsnes in Spain! In 1 day Twisted Evil

    Moderator Γ

    Moderator Γ

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    Re: I'll be away the 6th!

    Post by Waterloo on Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:57 pm

    Sounds great! Have fun guys ^^
    Alpha α
    Alpha α

    Male My pup :
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    Re: I'll be away the 6th!

    Post by Thunderwolf on Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:06 pm

    We will Very Happy

    Admin's helper Β
    Admin's helper Β

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    Re: I'll be away the 6th!

    Post by Saitothewolf on Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:38 pm

    Spain -epic face-

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    Re: I'll be away the 6th!

    Post by Sponsored content

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